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Jimmy Borges Annual

Local Spotlight: The 1st Annual Jimmy Borges All-Star Jazz Festival


Jimmy Borges, Hawaii’s gentleman of jazz, entertained and inspired audiences around the world for over 60 years. Known for his velvety voice and charisma, Borges was also one of Hawaii’s most beloved teachers, encouraging generations of young artists to reach for their dreams.
Proceeds from this 1st Annual Festival named in his honor will benefit the “Jimmy Borges Endowed Scholarship in Vocal Music,” a need-based award at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. It will feature the best and the brightest of Hawaii’s jazz stars- all coming together to honor one of the greatest talents to grace our island.


Local Spotlight: Keauhou


Keauhou finds passion and joy in the performance, preservation, and perpetuation of traditional Hawaiian music. The name, “Keauhou,” was suggested by Hailama Farden, while the trio played music at the Kamehameha School’s Midkiff Library. This library is home to the waʻa (Hawaiian canoe) named “Makani Hou o Keauhou,” under which the group performed was named. Translated as “the new wind of Keauhou” this waʻa became the inspiration for the group name, “Keauhou.” While the Hawaiian language offers a multiplicity of meanings and translations, the groups name can be translated as “the new/renewed generation.”

Willie K

Local Spotlight: Willie K


When the Honolulu Pulse said, “Willie K can play or sing almost anything an American audience might ask for,” that wasn’t hype, it was the literal truth. The Hawaiian phenomenon Willie K is undoubtedly the only artist in the world who can go into an Irish pub in the middle of Maui and play anything from indigenous acoustic Hawaiian music to jazz, reggae, rock, country and even opera—and not only get away with it but leave everyone within earshot slack-jawed in astonishment. No less than Prince is a huge fan, calling Willie K a “funky mother#%@&er,” while another avowed fan is a fellow Hawaiian who goes by the name Barack Obama.